Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Honduras vs Chile World Cup Match Preview

Watch Live Honduras vs ChileWatch Live Honduras vs ChileChile have a difficult start, as easy to show that the leadership of the group, Spain will be. Nelspruit will host the final match of the first series, in which Marcelo Bielsa is another victory to add their offerings to career World Cup.
Latin fraternity temporarily forgot that part, these two fighters, such as Chile and Honduras, one of the toughest groups in the vicinity. As I reached yet never in a World Cup, their realities are completely different: Honduras has shown his lack of experience, your main enemy in the area, particularly in view of David Suazo nos is complete for the game to weaken seriously again, is the offensive team . Marcelo Bielsa and need a win to build confidence and Red your ticket for the next phase ... do now?
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The long and winding road:

Reinaldo Rueda children are the last weeks of training were polishing the many shortcomings that the team was in the qualifying show. Honduras fought on two fronts to get a goal and a half on average in the last 6 games and lose most of their scoring chances. Suazo Without the lap in the final meters it is difficult for them a strong line of defense in Chile break.

Rueda Ace in the Hole, no doubt, will be Len Rambo throws bravery in the. His finesse and depth of gameplay to a variant of the offensive against a rival team does not provide for his passing game known. Coach, you will find new ideas campaign account recent muscle injury that Wilson Palacios would keep fields. Danilo Turcios and Amado Guevara will be responsible for the movement of ball control in midfield, and it is one of the few players with experience against the Reds, most recently after scoring gate to victory, that these two teams together.

Given that Spain is waiting to come to Honduras experienced a defeat in their opening game were packed in advance. As a robust defense to combine for a strong offense is the team coach Enigma must respond by Wednesday.

The quest for glory:

Marcelo Bielsa has completely changed the face of Chile in the world, could soon go to Red sixteen, and everything seems to point forward to the game on Wednesday in Chile, their knowledge and show that they have to prove must be taken seriously in this competition. The last test matches have proved their offensive best, while his aim remains close to captain and goalkeeper Claudio Bravo Team.

Humberto Suazo Zaragoza is most likely the game on the bench, as the physical problems of various difficulties in South Africa was an opportunity to join Jean Beausejour, Alexis Sanchez in the final meters to give. Beausejour owes Marcelo Bielsa after it in a position to score a goal in 26 games under the colors of the national football team.

An important historical problems of Chile has been weak midfield, still lacks a strong presence in midfield, with the remaining players are to find their place in the area. Mauritius is one of the main pillars of the new generation of Chile. Reported on the work of Bielsa We have learned a lot about football, how to play notes and move as a unit and defend as a team. All before him. Bielsa experiences with Argentina at the World Cup would prefer to forget. However, this could be your time to change the course of history and take the fate of being by the horns.

Alexis Wonder Boy Sanchez will play in Chile, to claim the three points. Without Striker, Sanchez will most of the attacking team, to bring it back to Chile victory. We want to be world champion. We know we have the opportunity this year and is the target we set ourselves, he said on that first game. could provide Honduras fragile line of defense many opportunities for Sanchez to show their experience and attract European giant, to win the football difficult. But he is with his performance at Udinese Calcio, where he has room to look full benefit of their individual skills.

The last time these two teams collide, Honduras surprised all with a 2-0 victory. In the last five test matches, losing the U.S. team two goals, three matches and drawing twice. Two Suazo is missing is the trademark of this conflict, in which a team can leave with empty hands be the beginning.

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